If you are a qualified repairer and require access to the Myvi Workshop manual, please complete the form below and we will send the required file(s) to you. Please use the list below to identify the index section you require access to:

A1: General Information

A2: Maintenance

B1: Engine

B2: Engine Mechanical

B3: Intake System

B4: Exhaust System

B5: Lubrication System

B6: Cooling System

B7: Fuel System

B8: Engine Control Computer

B9: Emission Control System

B10: Ignition System

B11: Starting System/Charging System

B12: Engine Mounting

C1: Front Suspension

C2: Rear Suspension

C3: Wheel & Tyre

D1: Drive Shaft

E1: Brake

E2: Parking Control

E3: Brake Control

F1: Clutch

F2: Manual Transmission

F3: Automatic Transmission

F4: Transmission Control

G1: Steering

G2: Power Steering

H1: SRS Airbag System

I1: Body

I2: Exterior/Interior

I3: Windshield Window Glass/Mirror

I4: Door Lock & Theft Deterrent

J1: Lighting

J2: Wiper & Washer

J3: Meter

J4: Audio & Visual System

J5: Other Electrical System

J6: Air Conditioner

K1: Wiring Diagram

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