Disability Magazine, February 2012

“Towns and urban areas are where the Myvi really excels. Its ability to nip through busy streets and park very easily are major plus points, and with its flexible, accommodating engine, the car also takes town traffic in its stride.”

Auto Trader, May 2011

“The Perodua Myvi is a small hatchback with rugged reliability, which is nimble and easy to park.”

“You sit in a slightly raised position at the steering wheel and there’s good visibility through the upright windscreen and tall side windows.”

“The Myvi has light steering and can be fun to drive around town and along country lanes.”

“The Perodua Myvi offers low-cost and reliable motoring”

CSMA Club Magazine, June 2009

Myvi: “Put away your prejudices! In the past, Perodua might not have automatically sprung to mind as a dream car, but this is a surprisingly lively and thoroughly decent little motor.”

“It’s highly manoeuvrable and straightforward to drive”

Dudley News & County Express, February 2009

Myvi: “The styling is pleasant and modern, the equipment quota is good and the driving experience is hard to criticise too strongly when you remember what Perodua are asking for the car.”

Dorset Echo, October 2008

“One of the advantages of budget cars is that the net depreciation tends to be better than more expensive competitors. Perodua’s Myvi is a good example, sitting at number five in the Parker’s Car Guide to cars with the lowest depreciation last year.”

“…a smart supermini which offers plenty of cabin space, a perky Japanese 1.3-litre engine, fun handling characteristics and good looks. In fact the rear legroom is excellent, with my six-foot-plus frame accomodated comfortably behind the driver’s seat which I’d also set up for my height. Well done Perodua.”

“The five-speed gearbox was smooth and easy to use, the steering was comfortably weighted with good feedback for a car of this size, and the brakes had good feel”

Sutton Coldfield Observer, October 2008

“My first impressions of the Perodua’s Myvi were almost entirely favourable. The interior was very nicely finished for a car in this class.”

“Turn the key and the surprises keep coming. The ride is excellent. The way the suspension soaks up minor imperfections coupled with the nicely oiled feel of the steering system gives the Myvi an expensive feel.”

“The steering rack is adequately quick, front end grip is up to snuff and engine refinement is very good. All round visibility and access to the rear seats is also excellent.”

East Anglian Daily Times, May 2008

Myvi: “A little head-turner that is not at all high maintenance.”

Auto Express, January 2008

“It feels very grown-up inside. Not only is the cabin practical, with an array of cubbies and cup-holders, but it looks good. The centre console is clearly laid-out, with the instrument binnacle featuring red-backed dials.”

“If you’re after a simple, no-nonsense supermini, the Myvi is well worth a look.”

The Independent, February 2007

Myvi: “The interior was clean, unfussy and very functional. It had clear dials and the rest of the dash display was similarly comprehensible, plus what seemed like an endless amount of headroom, a good seating position and adjustable steering column. The windscreen seemed huge and the wing mirrors followed suit, almost bus-like, with embedded indicators. The back is spacious and there is good legroom for a small car”

The AA, December 2006

“Perodua’s Myvi is a surprising performer, and is suitable for young drivers wishing to purchase a new car as well as elderly motorists or those requiring exceptionally easy access.”

“The Myvi’s initial purchase price is certainly attractive, while its modest running costs should help it compete against similarly priced used cars. After all, why buy used and except an inferior warranty when there’s the choice of a new car with a generous, manufacturer-backed warranty.”

“The five-door Myvi’s cabin is easily accessible for front and back passengers with its low sill height and tall roofline. The car’s doors open wide and the seats are positioned to make access and egress straightforward.”

“Parking is simple – not least because of the Myvi’s small proportions. The car features responsive, power assisted steering and a tight turning circle. It also has excellent all-round visibility afforded by its high roofline and raised driving position.”

Richard Hammond, Daily Mirror, September 2006

Myvi: “Good-looking, versatile – and it’s so cheap too.”