If you are a qualified repairer and require access to the Myvi Workshop manual, please contact us by email at Please use the list below to identify the index section you require access to:

A1: General Information

A2: Maintenance

B1: Engine

B2: Engine Mechanical

B3: Intake System

B4: Exhaust System

B5: Lubrication System

B6: Cooling System

B7: Fuel System

B8: Engine Control Computer

B9: Emission Control System

B10: Ignition System

B11: Starting System/Charging System

B12: Engine Mounting

C1: Front Suspension

C2: Rear Suspension

C3: Wheel & Tyre

D1: Drive Shaft

E1: Brake

E2: Parking Control

E3: Brake Control

F1: Clutch

F2: Manual Transmission

F3: Automatic Transmission

F4: Transmission Control

G1: Steering

G2: Power Steering

H1: SRS Airbag System

I1: Body

I2: Exterior/Interior

I3: Windshield Window Glass/Mirror

I4: Door Lock & Theft Deterrent

J1: Lighting

J2: Wiper & Washer

J3: Meter

J4: Audio & Visual System

J5: Other Electrical System

J6: Air Conditioner

K1: Wiring Diagram


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